100 years of BirdLife International - More than just a celebration, it’s a huge event!

Seychelles’ longest, unbroken partnership with an international environmental NGO has been with BirdLife International, the world’s oldest nature conservation partnership. BirdLife celebrates its centennial this year. This is a cause for celebration in Seychelles too! BirdLife has had a permanent presence in Seychelles since 1968 and Nature Seychelles has been the Seychelles partner of BirdLife for over 20 years.

Love in some Seychelles birds

Birds have much to teach us about love, from being subtle in your approach to how to bond for life. Birds perform rituals to attract a mate, just like humans. You might send your loved one flowers, chocolates, and emojis as well as take them to a movie or dinner. A bird might sing, perform a display, preen, feed, and even build a nest for a mate. Typically, the male does this, while the female decides whether it's good enough. So who sings, dances, bows, or brings food or nest material? Here are a few examples of birds from Seychelles.

Lollipop sticks and fishing nets

According to reports, masks and other pandemic-related wastes are the new pollutants. This is not the case on Cousin Island Special Reserve. The island's 2021 Beach Maintenance Report shows that though a few masks were collected on the beach, they were by far the least number of items collected.

Reef Rescuers: Coral fun in the sun

Nature Seychelles is currently hosting two international volunteer scientific divers at its Reef Rescuers project on Praslin. They help with all aspects of the project including carrying out tasks underwater. In this article, Charlotte Dale, one of the volunteers, provides a first-hand account of her experience.

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