Today In Seychelles: A call for action following whale rescue

The community wants to see authorities work together to solve the illegal fishing problem in Seychelles. 

By Sharl Els - Today in Seychelles Newspaper, Thursday 25 November 2018.

Following Tuesday's (13 Nov) incident in which scuba divers cut loose a humpback whale that was trapped in an illegal fishing net, the Seychelles fishing fraternity has reacted in disappointment to these nets floating in Seychelles' waters. 

Do you have the “Right Stuff” for conservation?

Whilst in college I read Tom Wolfe’s book “The Right Stuff” about the space race and was struck by how Wolfe described that elusive quality which separated the best pilots from the rest.  For the test pilots during the space race era, Wolfe demonstrates there was no single quality that made up one with “the right stuff” and it’s not put all together in flying school but in the field.  

Conservation Boot Camp: no better way to spend a summer

Waking up and out your front door you see a white sand beach, a turquoise/blue ocean, the sun streaming through the mountains on a neighbouring island, and a tortoise snoozing on the beach. Does it get better than this? This is the view from the field station on the Cousin Island Special Reserve, where I have spent the past 4 weeks in conservation bliss.

ESAAMLG - Find workable solutions to AML/CFT through Public-Private Sector Dialogue: Illicit Wildlife trade

Today in Seychelles, Monday 10 September 2018

By C Ouma

As part of the 2018 Agenda of the 18th Eastern and Southern African Anti-Money Laundering Group (ESAAMLG) meeting, Seychelles also held the 4th ESAAMLG Public-Private Sector Dialogue (PPSD) from 7 to 8 September at the Savoy Resort and Spa. The PPSD is designed to help facilitate the development and implementation of robust Anti Money Laundering and combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regimes in the ESAAMLG region. Tackling money laundering associated with the illegal wildlife trade in the ESAANLG region was one of four topics featured.

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