SNA: Poaching panic as 14 sea turtles killed early in Seychelles' nesting season

(Seychelles News Agency) Seychelles' Department of Environment has observed a drastic increase in sea turtle poaching and has therefore increased its monitoring and surveillance efforts, said a top official. The department's director of conservation, Ashley Dias, told SNA on Thursday that the nesting season has barely started and the authorities have recorded 14 cases of poaching compared with eight cases for the whole season last year.

Why we shouldn't feed wild fish

Nature Seychelles Chief Executive Dr Nirmal Shah has said that the practice of feeding fish in Seychelles should be discouraged because studies have shown that fish feeding - especially in marine protected areas or small areas lie reefs where fish are sedentary - have dramatic negative impacts. Dr. Shah says while the problem is dwarfed by other bigger issues such as over-fishing, it is nonetheless important that everyone takes action, no matter how small, to protect Seychelles marine resources.

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