When the going gets tough, the tough get going

It was the sort of "bang" nobody wants to start the year with, but it’s the one we got. 2020 began for us with devastating erosion on Cousin Island. It was followed hot on the heels by a global pandemic and blow-back to the economy of Seychelles. But Nature Seychelles persisted, surmounted incredible challenges, and supported its staff while continuing to have a meaningful impact for nature, people, and Seychelles.

Christopher Mahoune: An incurable wildlife shutterbug

"Stunning image!" "Fantastische Aufnahme" "Avant de voir le nom je savais que la photo venait de Christopher!!! Magnifique!" "My favourite!" These are the reactions you will often see whenever a photo taken by Christopher Mahoune are posted on our Facebook page. Christopher, or Topher as he is known to us, is a senior warden on Cousin Island Special Reserve.

A new and groundbreaking arrangement for marine protection formalized in Seychelles

Protected areas in Seychelles have usually been managed by government entities such as the Seychelles National Parks Authority and conservation NGOs such as Nature Seychelles. Locally managed or community-based protected areas don’t exist unlike in other countries in the region. Now, in an exciting turnaround, local people can get involved in managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) for the first time. This highly innovative project will involve the local communities around the Port Launay and Baie Ternay Marine National Parks through a co-management process that officially kicked off on 3rd December 2020 at Port Launay Beach.

Download this file (Speech MACCE _ LEAP Community Launch.pdf)Speech MACCE _ LEAP Community Launch[ ]77 kB

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