New Partnerships for a New Seychelles: Ministry of Agriculture and Nature Seychelles plant a new seed

 Shah (L) leading the delegation from the Ministry in a tour of The Sanctuary at Roche Caiman - a park for people and wildlife

On 14th August 2015 the Seychelles’ Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture, Mr. Wallace Cosgrow paid a visit to Nature Seychelles’ headquarters, at the Centre of Environment and Education in Roche Caiman to discuss partnerships in fisheries and agriculture. In the field of agriculture the need had been expressed to revitalise of the existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Nature Seychelles and the Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA).

United States Oceans Envoy praises Nature Seychelles’ outstanding work

Shah (L) introduces Lubchenco (Centre) to the Reef Rescuers coordinator Sarah (R) and the trainees

Professor Jane Lubchenco, the first ever US Oceans Envoy and Ambassador Sharon Villarosa together with 3 members of their staff, paid a visit to Nature Seychelles’ Reef Rescuers Project and Cousin Island Special Reserve last week. The delegation was accompanied by Dr. Nirmal Jivan Shah, Nature Seychelles CEO and travelled from Mahe to Praslin where they met with Nature Seychelles’ Reef Rescuers team then to Cousin Island Special Reserve for an island tour.

The environment on canvas

They look at the skies and the seas of our islands and capture what they see with beautiful paintings and drawings that awe and inspire. The Ars et Natura exhibition of artwork by Italian and Seychellois artists at the Kaz Zanana art gallery showcases the natural environment in Seychelles with the hope of highlighting the need for its protection.

Partnership for growing future nature champions

 Andrew Esparon (far right) helping to pull a boat out of the water

Nature Seychelles and the Maritime Training Centre (MTC) have for many years had a formal partnership in which MTC students are given work placement on Cousin Island Special Reserve for anywhere from two weeks up to two months. Gino Lesperance and Andrew Esparon are two such students who recently completed their three week stint on the island.

Fish need Corals

Fish help with keeping the algae in check thus promoting coral recovery

A Nature Seychelles’ study focusing on the link between coral reefs and fish populations at several sites around Cousin Island Special Reserve has recently been published in the scientific journal Ocean & Coastal Management.

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