Crystal for Christmas

The sea is as calm as a Hindu cow, the sun is at its highest in the sky and the mosquitoes seem to be on a hiatus from their typical buzzing and biting. It is Christmas Eve on Cousin Island Special Reserve and Nature Seychelles wardens are preparing to receive guests from Crystal Esprit, a luxurious cruise ship on its maiden voyage in the Seychelles.

Is the honeymoon over before it even began?

The Sanctuary at Roche Caiman is an urban wetland managed by Nature Seychelles for climate change adaptation

Climate summit a success but the battle for funding is beginning

After the triumphant joining of the world in signing the Paris climate change agreement Small Island Developing States popularly known as SIDS are complaining that extreme bureaucracy is preventing them from accessing funds under the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Harmful algal bloom killed fish and corals, but transplanted corals fight back

Baseline survey of transplantation site in July 2015- Dr Phanor Montoya-Maya and Reef Rescuers trainee Tess Moriarty

On Friday 23rd October I was making the last arrangements for a conference trip to South Africa. At 8.00 pm, I was finalising my presentations for the 9th WIOMSA symposium. As the Technical & Scientific Officer of Nature Seychelles Reef Rescuers Project, the largest coral reef restoration project of its kind attempted thus far in the world, I was given the task to share the results of our project with scientists, managers and other marine stakeholders from the Western Indian Ocean.

Passionate about protecting our oceans

A report from former Nature Seychelles’ Chief Warden

I am passionate about the Ocean and the Marine Environment but what gives me a buzz is working with dedicated people, creating and grabbing opportunity and watching these individuals grow in confidence and knowledge. Sometimes it is difficult as passion alone is not enough to further a career, but it is a good indicator that you are hungry and willing to go that extra mile to succeed in a cause or career you believe and see a future in.

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