Grief over giant tortoises

Adult and baby Aldabra tortoises on Cousin by Dailus Laurence

Nature Seychelles is currently mourning the loss of one of its Giant Aldabra Tortoises, Sir Henry, on Cousin Island Special Reserve. Although the death of this tortoise was due to old age, the recent wretched story from Curieuse Island in which a substantial number of baby giant tortoises were stolen, makes the loss on Cousin seem a little more disheartening.

Can we really be free from our plastic prison?

Nature Seychelles is this month joining thousands of organisations, schools and individuals around the world in the ‘Plastic Free July’ campaign. The challenge simply requires those taking part to refuse single-use plastic items during the month of July; either for a day, a few days, weeks or the entire month. The challenge is the initiative of Plastic Free July, an Australian based not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 2011.

Swallowed whole by the sea

 Many Solomon Islands are low-lying and prone to flooding from rising seas (Photo credit BBC NHU-Jon Clay)

The Seychelles peoples, like in most other Small Island Developing States (SIDS) around the world depend greatly on the ocean economically as well as culturally. However, in recent decades, climate change driven by human activities continues to threaten not just the livelihoods, but the very existence of these islands.

Turtle season is organized chaos

Another year, another turtle season come and gone on Cousin Island Special Reserve. Turtle season is organized chaos. It is nonstop beach patrols from sunrise to sunset come rain or shine. There is no other experience quite like working a full turtle season in the Seychelles which is very different from any other place I have been stationed, not to mention on Cousin Island which is especially unique. Nowhere else in the world do sea turtles consistently nest throughout the day.

The environment can kill or heal you

“In 2012, an estimated 12.6 million deaths globally were attributable to the environment. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the ecosystems which sustain us are estimated to be responsible for 23 per cent of all deaths worldwide.”

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