Seychellois wins 2020 African Ranger Award

Dailus Laurence, the Chief Warden of Cousin Island Special Reserve, has won the prestigious 2020 African Ranger Award promoted by the Alibaba Foundation and the Paradise Foundation. The award includes prize money of US$ 10,000.

What happens when marine life is protected for half a century?

At 52 years, Cousin Island is one of the longest established marine protected area (MPA) in the world. Although the coral reefs surrounding the island have undergone dramatic changes recently because of coral bleaching, which led to a drastic reduction in live coral cover, the MPA still holds an abundance of marine treasures. From sea cucumbers to the Bumphead parrotfish, to Eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, and Giant stingrays.

Building back better – Boosting research in Seychelles after the Covid-19 pandemic

Nature Seychelles has received £60,000 for its “Building back Better in the Age of COVID” campaign. The funds are to be used to boost high-level science in Seychelles by contributing to the construction of a new research centre on Cousin Island Special Reserve. The Seychelles Warbler Research Group, a team of biologists from the European universities of East Anglia, Groningen, and Sheffield is donating the funds to help build the new facility.

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