Social birds in Seychelles save others in danger

 Seychelles Warbler © Martijn Hammers

 Some animals, such as dolphins and ants, have been shown to save members of the same species if they are in danger. Researchers working in Seychelles have now shown that rescue behaviour also occurs in birds. The results were published recently in the online edition of the journal Behaviour.

“If I’m going to die I’m taking you out with me!”

 The Shark was discovered on the eastern side of the island (photo by Jovani Raffin)

“What’s that” asked Christopher, a Warden on Cousin Island Special Reserve as the island team was disembarking tourists on the beach. “That” was a Grey Reef shark on the beach next to the Science Coordinator’s house.

Shhh! Let me tell you about a new and still secret conservation program

Just another day in the office

I landed at Praslin airport where I was met by two of Nature Seychelles’ wardens based on Cousin Island Special Reserve. Jules and Alex came to pick me up, barefoot. I then got on the Cousin boat that was moored just next to the airport and we took off for Cousin. What a spectacular landing! Alex simply said “Hold on tight!” as he expertly zoomed the boat at high speed straight onto the beach. Wow! These two guys just introduced me to the Island spirit.

Nature’s Solutions: Come 'bouze' with us


In a recently launched campaign ‘move it’ (bouze in Kreol) by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Seychellois are encouraged to take care of their health, exercise and lose weight. Nature Seychelles would like to welcome you to “move it” with our Green Health program now being run by a new Coordinator, Blaine Allison.

UCPS calendar sales of to benefit conservation


22 Feb 2017, TODAY Newspaper, by S. Marivel: All the proceeds from the 2017 UCPS calendar currently sold at SCR 250 per copy will go towards the purchase of equipment for Nature Seychelles’ conservation programs. The target is to raise SCR 15,000 for the purchase of 2 GPS units with their waterproof cases, plus extra batteries.

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