Guide to the wild side

Nature Seychelles has launched a new guidebook to the wildlife of Seychelles written thanks to international collaboration between environmentalists, donor organisations and a major international publisher.

Which is the Inconvenient Truth?

The tallest man in the world is not only taller than anyone else; he also stands higher than many islands in the Republic of Seychelles and other similar sand cays and coralline islands from the Caribbean to the Pacific. Many small island states are made up entirely of these low lying coral islands. Experts say that a strong storm surge coupled with sea level rise may be enough to wipe these countries from the face of the map.

Global shift toward shark conservation

This week Nature Seychelles’ CEO Nirmal Shah spoke to the Seychelles Broadcasting Co. (SBC) about shark fishing in Seychelles and the need for shark conservation. SBC felt that Seychellois needed more information on the status of sharks because of the fearsome reputation of these creatures, because shark meat is traditionally used in Seychellois cuisine and because shark fins are a valuable source of foreign currency.
Seychelles has banned the use of set gill nets for shark fishing, enacted specific legislation to ban hunting of the whale shark and recently introduced new legislation to control shark fining. Nature Seychelles strongly supports these measures.

Don’t blame wild birds for bird flu epidemic, says Nature Seychelles

Nature Seychelles and other conservation non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Africa and around the world are concerned about the threat that the H5N1 avian flu virus poses to both wildlife and humans. As the only non-governmental member of the Seychelles national Bird Flu Committee, Nature Seychelles has been working with others to ensure that the Indian Ocean archipelago is prepared to deal with any possible H5N1 outbreak as Africa comes to terms with its first fatality from the disease.

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