Feral pigeons - problems and solutions

Feral pigeons or pizons domestik have been hitting the headlines this week. A flock of them had been causing a nuisance at the National Library since the building was constructed. They were gathering in numbers on the roof, and making a lot of noise and mess. Happily for the library, the delinquent pigeons have been moved on, following the installation of special spikes that discourage them from perching. The problem has been solved at a local level – for the library – but has been moved on to somewhere else. It hasn’t gone away.

US Embassy supports wildlife projects

Nature Seychelles and the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles have received a boost to their activities. The US Embassy has agreed to provide project funds to the two conservation bodies, both based at the Centre for Environment and Education situated at Roche Caiman.

Talking garbage – time to clean up our act

A teacher who lives in north Mahe contacted us recently. ‘I know you’re probably not the right people to speak to’, she said, somewhat anxiously, ‘But I needed to speak to somebody, I’m so annoyed.’ She had just returned from one of her regular walks in Beau Vallon, and wanted to complain to someone about the litter problem there.

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