[VICTORIA 26TH/09/2008]  A joint collaborative endeavour to minimise plastic pollution in Seychelles has been launched bringing together STC and Nature Seychelles, who recently launched trendy looking eco bags

In a ground breaking move aimed at safeguarding Seychelles’ pristine environment, the Seychelles

STC Communications Manager Gustave Decomarmond and Nature Seychelles CEO Nirmal Shah launch the bag

corporate firm, Seychelles Trading Company (STC) last week launched inimitable eco-friendly bags. 

The fashionable looking cream coloured Eco-Bags project which are currently  available from all STC outlets are meant to take over from the plastic bags currently in use for shoppers. Teaming up with STC in this exciting eco-venture is the award-winning national environmental NGO, Nature Seychelles’ who have been involved in the project right from inception. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the stylish eco bags will go towards helping the Nature Seychelles’ children’s environmental programs through Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles based in schools.The Chief Executive of the STC Mr. Jayant Mayadas says that the new joint eco-venture between STC and Nature Seychelles is “a perfect antidote to arrest the plastic menace on our islands and a superb initiative to support youth led activities towards a cleaner pollution free environment.”

The idea of the bag was aimed at capitalizing on fashion trends, consumer patterns and incorporating them within the concept of environmental conservation. The eye-catching eco-friendly bags concept was mooted by a special committee at STC with input from Nature Seychelles. After a series of meetings between STC and Nature Seychelles’ top management, the final concept for the eco-bag design was adopted.

 “Being a major player in Seychelles consumer interactions, the launch of these unique eco-bags has come at the right time. The eco-bags will go along way in ensuring we minimize on plastic pollution on our environment.” Says Gustave Decomarmond, the Communications Manager of STC. 

According to STC the roll-out of these bags which are now retailing country-wide the entire concept is in line with the corporation’s external relations policy and her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. 

“We have firmly partnered with Nature Seychelles’ on this because we believe that the harsh effects of plastic on the environment are not just an undertaking of environmental organizations but a collective responsibility for all players. As a public entity our CSR also dictates that we pay attention to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In addition we would want to support the award winning children’s environmental programs that Nature Seychelles and the WildLife Clubs are undertaking.” Says Gustave.

Nature Seychelles’ CEO, Nirmal Shah notes of the new joint venture with STC.  “Nature Seychelles has always believed that partnerships are the key to solving environmental problems. In the past we have partnered with governmental agencies, private entities and even international development partners to push our environmental conservation message. This latest ideal is a cornerstone of Nature Seychelles’ public-civil society partnership and we are excited to be a part and parcel of this eco-adventure.” [ENDS]

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