US Navy comes to the aid of Roche Caiman Sanctuary

A party of around 30 volunteers from the USS O’Kane (DDG 77) made productive use of their shore leave in April while their ship was anchored outside Victoria. The group, led by Chaplain Ron Rinaldi, came over to Nature Seychelles’ headquarters and set to work to install a line of fence to protect the Roche Caiman Sanctuary.

Children of La Digue help create medicinal garden

Children’s Day was an occasion of happy celebrations for the children of La Digue, as the School held an open day with games and music*. The occasion was also marked by the official opening of a medicinal plant heritage garden for the school. The garden has been established to protect knowledge and maintain awareness of the traditional uses and value of the wonderful range of medicinal plants in Seychelles.

Charities rally in Victoria

Nature Seychelles was among the non-governmental and charitable organisations taking part in the Barclays Bank Miles Ahead community project in June. The event brought the groups together at Camion Hall in Victoria. At the event, Government ministers, the bank’s customers and the public, invited to rally support for the various causes.

NGOs try to influence G8’s response to climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest dangers to Seychelles. From too much rain to extreme drought, from increased storms to sea level rise, from coral bleaching to spread of tropical diseases, the threats are serious. Global warming is at the root of climate change. It is mainly caused by industrial emissions – the by-products of fossil fuel burning. To tackle it we need to address the biggest polluters of the planet. But as individuals or organisations in small countries, how can we do this? One way is to link with larger groups working on the same issue.

Wildlife trade: the threat to human health

We should all by now be familiar with the threats that introduced species can pose. They have done enormous damage to ecosystems all over the world. In Seychelles, we have seen it first hand. We have also been world leaders in the restoration of small island ecosystems, involving alien species control and habitat revival.

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