Constance Lemuria and Nature Seychelles to restore coral reefs

coral-project[Today in Seychelles 8-5-2014] Nature Seychelles and the Constance Lemuria Resort on Praslin recently signed an agreement to work together on a project designed to restore a coral garden at Petit Anse Kerlan. The resort is piloting its first-ever large scale active coral reef restoration using “coral gardening”. Coral gardening involves collecting small pieces of healthy coral, raising them in underwater nurseries and then transplanting them to degraded sites that have been affected by coral bleaching.

This project is being funded by the GOS/UNDP/GEF (Government of Seychelles/United Nations Development Program/Global Environmental Fund) through their Small Grants Programme, available to environmental NGOs through the

lemuria-nature Tourism Operator Partnership Programme between Nature Seychelles and the Constance Lemuria Resort.

“This project is very important to us as we believe in the preservation and protection of the environment. We will do all that is in our power to continue our collaboration with Nature Seychelles concerning this project. We have also planned talks and presentations to the guests that will be conducted by Nature Seychelles over the course of the next month,” explains Bruno Le Gac, General Manager of the Constance Lemuria Resort.

The Lemuria resort is situated on the northwest shore of the idyllic island of Praslin with the Indian Ocean lapping gently at the shores of its three white sand beaches. It is surrounded by luxuriant and rare vegetation as Seychelles’ first Constance establishment is at the heart of the archipelago’s luxury experience.

Source: Today in Seychelles

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