Nature’s Solutions: Come 'bouze' with us


In a recently launched campaign ‘move it’ (bouze in Kreol) by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Seychellois are encouraged to take care of their health, exercise and lose weight. Nature Seychelles would like to welcome you to “move it” with our Green Health program now being run by a new Coordinator, Blaine Allison.

UCPS calendar sales of to benefit conservation


22 Feb 2017, TODAY Newspaper, by S. Marivel: All the proceeds from the 2017 UCPS calendar currently sold at SCR 250 per copy will go towards the purchase of equipment for Nature Seychelles’ conservation programs. The target is to raise SCR 15,000 for the purchase of 2 GPS units with their waterproof cases, plus extra batteries.

Fighting with your brother or sister for food can be good for you

Warbler captured on Cousin Island feeding its young  (file photo by Cas Eikenaar)

Being the fittest competitor at meal time against your siblings could make you bigger, tougher, live longer and give you greater reproductive prowess, if you’re a Seychelles Warbler that is. This is according to research conducted on the endemic warbler denizens on Cousin Island Special Reserve.

More probing of the most studied feathered friend in Seychelles

(Collecting body measurements and other data is routine while monitoring the Seychelles Warbler; file photo by Martijn Hammers)

It is one of the most studied bird species in the world, definitely the most researched species in Seychelles and the only bird whose status has been downgraded from Critically Endangered to Near Threatened in the IUCN Red List of endangered species through direct conservation action. The Seychelles Warbler was the reason Cousin Island Special Reserve was purchased nearly fifty years ago by BirdLife International then known as International Council for Bird Protection (ICBP).

Civil Society in East Africa and Indian Ocean Concerned About Tuna Fishing

Nature Seychelles' Island Coordinator, Eric Blais delivering his presentation during the 7th SWIOTUNA session in Maputo.

There has been quite some chatter recently focusing on the tuna fishing industry in the Seychelles. While the Seychelles Fishing Authority is reportedly keeping an eye on yellowfin tuna stocks with the aim achieving a 15 percent reduction in fishing allowance, members of the Seychelles Fishing Boat Owners Association (FBOA) and the Federation of Artisanal Fisheries are embittered at being left out of high level discussions on the future of the Seychelles fishing industry.

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