Nature Seychelles wins Education Competition

Aerial-view-of-the-SRCUK-based charity Teach A Man To Fish has announced Nature Seychelles as Country Winner of the 2013 Saville Foundation Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education. The competition has awarded organizations from across Africa with a total of $57,000 in prizes. Nature Seychelles won the award for its innovative approach to environmental education at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman and the Heritage Garden.

Both sites are part of Nature Seychelles wider Green Health program where the benefits of wellness, nature appreciation, organic gardening, medicinal plants and the opportunity to get involved in conservation are taught to the youth and the wider community.

The competition was established to reward organisations in Africa that are taking an innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable approach to education. Over 380 different organisations from across the continent, from Sudan to South Africa, Nigeria to Namibia and Burkina Faso to Burundi, took part in the competition.

“All the evidence shows that programs which are innovative, sustainable … are the most effective way to address educational challenges. This competition draws international attention to organisations’ achievements so others can learn from their success and imitate their approach,” commented Nik Kafka, Director of Teach a Man To Fish

“The innovation and entrepreneurship parts of education are of interest to us because we believe those elements are missing from most projects. In particular Nature Seychelles’ successful nature-based wellness and greening livelihoods programs targeting substance abusers, mentally ill patients and marginalized youth are innovative and have found traction in the rest of Africa,” said Dr. Nirmal Shah, Nature Seychelles' Chief Executive.

Nature Seychelles will be awarded $1000 as part of the award.

Photo: Aerial view of Sanctuary at Roche Caiman courtesy of Mike King-Harman

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