Greater Frigatebird

Greater Frigatebirds are long-distance fliers and spend most of their life flying over the ocean with a gliding, rarely flapping flight.  Unlike other seabirds, the feathers have poor waterproofing and the feet are not webbed.

Lesser Frigatebird

The lesser Frigatebird is like a smaller version of the Great Frigatebird, but both males and females have white markings extending onto the undersides of each wing.

Great Crested Tern

This large tern does not breed around the granitic islands but can be seen here at all times of the year, flying along beaches alone to roosting on sandbanks in small groups.

Roseate Tern

The Roseate Tern has a very wide distribution around the world but almost everywhere it
occurs, populations are declining.

Sooty Tern

This large, black-backed tern is found throughout the world’s tropical seas and is the most abundant seabird  in Seychelles.  However, because it nests on the ground in dense colonies, it is vulnerable to disturbance and predation during the breeding season.

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