Biodiversity Day: Engage all to save life on earth

This year's International Day of Biological Diversity, celebrated on May 22, carries the theme "Be Part of the Plan." This theme highlights the critical need for everyone to join the effort to halt and reverse biodiversity loss. It calls for support of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, or the “Biodiversity Plan,” adopted in December 2022. This plan urges collective action from governments, local communities, NGOs, businesses, and individuals.

Respect protected areas and species Photo Hugo Bret

Respect protected areas and species (Photo: Hugo Bret)

What is biodiversity loss?

Biodiversity loss refers to the decline in the variety and abundance of life on Earth, caused by factors such as habitat destruction, overexploitation, climate change, invasive species, pollution, overpopulation, and globalization. Addressing this urgent issue requires a united effort.

How can you be part of the plan?

Here are some three areas where we all can contribute to the Biodiversity Plan and reduce biodiversity loss.

  • Protect species and habitats

People can help protect biodiversity in many ways. Learn about local wildlife and how to protect it. Simple actions like not disturbing animals and respecting their habitats make a huge difference.

You can start a campaign about a bird, mammal, amphibian, plant, pollinator, or any species. Explain what role they play in the local ecosystem and check.

Be sure to follow all the rules and regulations when you are in protected areas. Don't fish, poach, or anchor on coral reefs.

Contribute to the restoration of local species and habitats through tree planting, and wetland and coral reef restoration.

Provide habitats for local wildlife, such as birds and lizards, by preserving or creating green spaces in urban areas. Use less pesticides and herbicides that harm beneficial insects and animals.

In your garden, choose native plants to help local pollinators and wildlife. Furthermore, it preserves plants used for years in cultural, nutritional, and medicinal ways.

Become involved with local and global conservation organizations to protect habitats and endangered species.

Promote and support sustainable tourism

Promote and support sustainable tourism

Promote and support sustainable tourism. Inform visitors about the value of biodiversity and avoid activities that disturb fauna and flora.

Keep pets well-managed to prevent harm to wildlife.

  • Adopt sustainable practices

Biodiversity depends on sustainable lifestyles. They reduce pollution in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that could harm wildlife through entanglement, ingestion, or habitat disruption. Secondly, they conserve natural resources by reducing demand and reducing habitat destruction.

You can adopt a sustainable lifestyle by reducing waste, reusing items, recycling products, rethinking your consumption habits, and refusing unnecessary items.

Whenever possible, buy sustainably sourced goods, such as organic foods and certified wood and seafood. Stay away from fast fashion and products that contribute to environmental degradation, pollution, and the exploitation of species.

  • Educate and advocate

Educate the public about the threats to biodiversity and the importance of maintaining it through social media, community events, and educational programs.

Contribute to restoration efforts

Contribute to restoration efforts (Photo: Hugo Bret)

Become involved in citizen science projects that contribute to biodiversity research and conservation.

Support laws and policies that protect biodiversity.

With these simple actions, you can play a significant role in preserving the biodiversity of life on Earth.

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