Back to the sweet flow of Eco Healing at Nature Seychelles

Get your mats out and prepare to get your stretch on, Eco Healing through Green Yoga and Green Exercise is back!

On Monday, 22nd February, Nature Seychelles welcomes its new Eco-Health Manager, Roxanne Radovanovic. Great news for the members of our Green Health Program who have who have been persistent with their phone and email enquiries, pining for their regular body, mind and soul work.

“I am excited to be taking over the Eco Health program and the fact that I will be teaching surrounded by nature,” Roxanne says. “It is always more beneficiary to train or do yoga outdoors, surrounded by nature. Not only does nature inspire us and help us relax, it is also proven that it benefits the body more and helps us stick to the healthy lifestyle.”

Roxanne will be running morning and evening Green Yoga sessions at the Green Health centre, at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman. She brings with her a vast wealth of experience coupled with her passion for teaching and practising healthy living.

“I first started practising yoga as a child with my mother, who is also a yoga teacher and a huge inspiration to me,” Roxanne says. “However, I did not start a regular practice until I went through some tough times. Yoga was the answer I needed. I then decided to become a yoga teacher, get certified and share the benefits of yoga with others.”

Roxanne got her yoga certification in New Mexico, USA in Kundalini Yoga. She also has a Personal Training certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), an American organization, but took her exam in Amsterdam.

“I started my yoga journey with Kundalini yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, in the United States,” she explains. “The yoga I teach works on specific areas in your body. For instance, if we focus one class on getting rid of anger, then we will do a set of exercises that mainly target the liver and gall bladder which are connected to anger, joy of life and personal growth. The aim is to get the body, mind and soul in harmony, because the world we live in constantly tries to distract us from our centre.”

Apart from having lived and/or worked in several countries (Germany, Lebanon, France and Portugal), Roxanne also practices other forms of body work which she incorporates into her classes, thus adding to her versatility. She is also a professional dancer, a personal fitness trainer and has always been active in sports. Indeed, she promises to have something new in each session depending on the tone and need of the Eco Health members.

Roxanne will be working for Nature Seychelles, at The Sanctuary three days a week, offering three different class types: Honey Flow, a class for all those wishing to slow down a bit, to learn or relearn the basics; a class for everyone, including those with injuries and pregnant women. Soul Sweat will blend breathing techniques with rigorous asanas (yoga poses). Fit Camp is a medley of various green fitness techniques and a more challenging class.

The new Eco Healing sessions will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with very early morning sessions, late morning sessions and evening sessions. If you would like more details on the class times and more detailed explanation on each sessions, visit or
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