US Embassy supports wildlife projects

Nature Seychelles and the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles have received a boost to their activities. The US Embassy has agreed to provide project funds to the two conservation bodies, both based at the Centre for Environment and Education situated at Roche Caiman.

Nature Seychelles’ Kerstin Henri (right) and Judith Semilota signing the funding agreement, with Susane Rose of the US Consular Office in Seychelles (standing) © C. Jameson

Nature Seychelles is to receive funding of $6,100 as a contribution towards upgrading the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman. Roche Caiman Sanctuary provides an exciting focus for national conservation education and research facilities that will enable the public and others to explore and understand better the dynamics of a freshwater ecosystem.

‘There are precious few freshwater wetlands remaining today in Seychelles,’ said Nature Seychelles Chief Executive Nirmal Shah. ‘What we are seeking to provide here is ready access to a wetland sanctuary that is close to Seychelles’ main centre of population. At the same time, we want to maintain  the special features of the site that make it so attractive to wildlife.’ Donor funding has been extremely slow in coming because of matters beyond our control, so this assistance from the US is very welcome”, he continued.

The Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles are to receive funding of $2,750 towards the costs of producing their next magazine, which goes to the 31 clubs in network covering around 800 members, mainly children and young adults. Each issue of the magazine has a different theme, and much of the content is provided by the clubs themselves.

Terence Vel, Coordinator of Wildlife Clubs, said that the latest issue of the Wildlife Clubs magazine focuses on marine life and has been recently distributed to clubs and others. “The theme of the new magazine will be chosen by the Leaders of the Clubs themselves”, he said. Previous issues of the magazine have featured alien species, protected areas, rivers and other key environmental subjects.

‘We are delighted to do what we can to help such worthwhile projects’, said Judith Semilota, Management Officer at the US Embassy in Nairobi. ‘Environmental awareness and education are so important today, and anything that can be done to allow more people access to real wildlife experiences we wholeheartedly support.’

Nature Seychelles, 9 September 2005

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