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Seychelles environmental Laws and documents related to the laws


default Beach Control Act Popular

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Beach Control Act

default Environment Protection (Ozone) Regulations, 2000 Popular

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Environment Protection (Ozone) Regulations, 2000

default Environment Protection Act Popular

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Environment Protection Act. Act 9 of 1994

default Fisheries Act Popular

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Fisheries Act.pdf

Fisheries Act Cap 82

default Forest Reserves Act Popular

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Forest Reserves Act

default National Parks And Nature Conservancy Act Popular

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National Parks And Nature Conservancy Act.

default Pesticides Control Act, 1996 Popular

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Pesticides Control Act, 1996. (Act No. 4 of 1996)

default Wild Animals Birds Protection Act Popular

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Wild Animals Birds Protection Act. Section 2 - The Wild Birds Protection Regulations

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