Geffroy's farm and Nature Seychelles come into partnership - Press Release

Nature Seychelles and Geffroy’s farm will on the 23rd of October 2014 be entering into a partnership agreement. The signing of the agreement will take place at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman starting from 2.00 pm running through till 3.30 pm. The event will be attended by Minister Sinon, PS Nalletamby, Miss Seychelles 2014, Nature Seychelles Board Members and staff as well as other invited guests. 

Nature Seychelles in June launched the second edition of the book ‘Grow and Eat Your Own Food Seychelles’. Shortly after the launch of the book, Jean-Paul Geffroy, a local farmer in Anse Royale came across the book and decided to get in touch with Dr Nirmal Shah, Nature Seychelles’ CEO to establish a way that the two could work together in promoting locally grown foods.

Dr Shah and Robin Hanson, Nature Seychelles eco-health coordinator paid a visit to Geffroy’s farm to meet with Jean-Paul and learn more about his innovative farming methods.

Nature Seychelles has so for participated in events and activities at Geffroy’s farm which have through Nature Seychelles, been covered in the local media and online web pages. At the same time, Jean-Paul has been valuable in offering information and some of his best practices to be applied at Nature Seychelles’ Heritage (organic) Garden in Roche Caiman.

For the past several weeks Nature Seychelles and Geffroy’s farm have been in discussions as to how the two can work together in mutually beneficial projects and towards creating an Organic Network for Seychelles together with other stakeholders. The two parties are now formalising their continued working relationship through the partnership agreement.

Editor’s Note:
Jean-Paul Geffroy is a self-taught farmer who uses eco-friendly farming methods at his farm in Anse Royale. The Heritage Project was launched in 2005 in collaboration with the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles, the Department of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Education with the aim of introducing young people to traditional foods and medicinal plants.

The Heritage Garden, located at The Sanctuary and which is under the umbrella of Nature Seychelles Green Health Program  acts as a demonstration site for individuals and organisations alike by promoting sustainable living through organic farming and creating edible landscapes.
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