Banyan Star Wildlife Club celebrates World Water Day at Anse Etoile!

Over 1.1 billion people sharing this planet with us have no access to safe drinking water. Lack of access to clean drinking water causes needless suffering and death for men, women and children around the globe. This represents one of the greatest public health tragedies of our time.

Club members presenting their poster

Miss Christelle Jacques launching the World Water Day

Simple display by club members about the importance of water

Mme Adrienne talking to the young children about water stories

Proud club members

Learning more about water
All photos © D. Nguyen

In Seychelles an effort to sensitise the community to the importance of water conservation has been realised by the Banyan Star Wildlife Club, consisting of students from Anse Etoile Primary School and their teacher and Club Leader Miss Christelle Jacques. The club launched an exhibition at the school to commemorate world water day on the 22nd March.

This year the international theme to celebrate World Water Day is “Water and Culture”. The Banyan Star club exhibition depicted the use of water in our culture long ago; it also comprised poems, stories, research on pollution in water and using water testing kits, mapping different sources of water in their school district, interviewing senior citizens on the way water was used and stored long ago and the different type of resources used to store water.

During the launching of the exhibition a senior citizen, Mme Adrienne, regaled students and the public with stories about the precious “liquid gold”, how was it respected among the community and how the river was divided for washing, drinking and for other activities. She also described the experience of getting water to homes by using bamboo pipes and the walking distance for those living in remote places because the technology for water to reach their homes in those days was not available.

According to Miss Christelle Jacques, the club leader, during their research for the exhibition the club members have learnt the reasons for wise use and conservation of water – the most precious resource of all without which life on earth cannot exist. They have also adopted part of the river that runs near the school to conserve it and to use it for their studies and for activities under the Wildlife Club program Stream Team. Miss Jacques and the club members would like to thank the head teacher of the school, senior citizens, parents, the PUC, and the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles for their active support in preparation for the exhibition.

Nature Seychelles, 23 March 2006

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