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Conservation Boot Camp

Bootstrap your career in conservation. Whether you want to to break into conservation or bolster your experience and knowledge, join the world's first Conservation Boot Camp where you can gain a much coveted, unique and exclusive experince working in a world renowned and multiple award winning nature reserve...Read more

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Implementing the SDGs

At Nature Seychelles we are committed to working with government, development partners and donors in implementing relevant actions, in particular, looking at certain goals where we can build on our existing strengths. Read more

Seychelles Wildlife

Natural environment of the Seychelles

Seychelles is a unique environment, which sustains a very special biodiversity. It is special for a number of different reasons. These are the oldest oceanic islands to be found anywhere...

Bird Watching

Seychelles is a paradise for birdwatchers, you can easily see the unique land birds, the important sea bird colonies, and the host of migrants and vagrants. Some sea bird...

Seychelles Black Parrot

Black Parrot or Kato Nwar in Creolee is brown-grey in colour, not truly black. Many bird experts treat it as a local form of a species found in Madagascar and...

Fairy Tern

The Fairy (or white) Tern is a beautiful bird seen on all islands in Seychelles, even islands like Mahe where they are killed by introduced rats, cats and Barn Owls....

Introduced Land Birds

A little over two hundred years ago, there were no humans living permanently in Seychelles. When settlement occurred, people naturally brought with them the animals and plants they needed to...

Native Birds

Although over 190 different species of bird have been seen on or around the central islands of Seychelles (and the number is increasing all the time), many of these are...

Migrant Shore Birds

Shallow seas and estuaries are very rich in invertebrate life. Many birds feed on the worms, crabs and shellfish in these habitats; often, they have long bills for probing sand...

Seychelles Magpie Robin

The most endangered of the endemic birds, Seychelles Magpie Robin or Pi Santez in Creole, came close to extinction in the late twentieth century; in 1970 there were only about...

Seychelles Blue Pigeon

The Seychelles Blue Pigeon or Pizon Olande in Creole, spends much of its life in the canopy of trees and eats the fruits of figs, bwa dir, ylang ylang and...

Seychelles White-eye

The Seychelles White-eye or Zwazo Linet in Creole, is rare and endemic. They may sometimes be seen in gardens and forest over 300m at La Misere, Cascade and a few...

Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher

The Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher or the Vev in Creole is endemic to Seychelles, you cannot find this bird anywhere else on earth. Although it was once widespread on...

Seychelles Sunbird

The tiny sunbird or Kolibri in Creole, is one of the few endemic species that has thrived since humans arrived in the Seychelles.



  • Stopped near extinctions of birds +

    Down-listing of the critically endangered Seychelles warbler from Critically Endangered to Near Threatened. Other Seychelles birds have also been saved including the Seychelles Magpie Robin, Seychelles Fody, and the Seychelles
  • Restored whole island ecosystems +

    We transformed Cousin Island from a coconut plantation to a thriving vibrant and diverse island ecosystem. Success achieved on Cousin was replicated on other islands with similar conservation activities.
  • Championed climate change solutions +

    Nature Seychelles has risen to the climate change challenge in our region in creative ways to adapt to the inevitable changing of times.
  • Education and Awareness +

    We have been at the forefront of environmental education, particularly with schools and Wildlife clubs
  • Sustainable Tourism +

    We manage the award-winning eco-tourism programme on Cousin Island started in 1970
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Our people

Nature Seychelles is made up of a team of core staff, project staff, volunteers and interns. The following is the management team.

Dr. Nirmal Jivan Shah - Chief Executive

Nirmal is a well-known figure in the Seychelles conservation scene having an encyclopedic knowledge of Seychelles biodiversity as well as a wealth of experience in environment management. He was formerly the Assistant Director of Fisheries Research, the Director of the Seychelles Conservation and National Parks service as well as the Managing Director of an environmental firm, ENVIRO where he worked on projects covering almost every aspect of environmental management. He was the coordinator of the Seychelles National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan process and of the Environmental Management Plan of Seychelles 2000-2010. He has worked for international organizations such as the World Bank, IUCN, UNEP, Sida and UNESCO.



Kerstin Henri - Projects Coordinator

Kerstin was previously the country’s Environmental Management Plan (EMPS) Coordinator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is a professional resource economist who has coordinated the implementation of some of the major environmental projects in the Seychelles including those funded by the GEF and the World Bank.



Dr. Sarah Frias-Torres, Research Associate, Reef Rescuers Project

Dr. Sarah Frias-Torres is a broadly trained, fieldwork oriented marine ecologist and biological oceanographer. Her research interests include: (1) Effects of global climate change in tropical marine ecosystems, (2) Coral reef and mangrove ecosystem resilience, (3) Behavioral ecology and conservation biology of marine megafauna, (4) Life histories, reproduction and parental care in fishes, (5) Marine biodiversity and, (6) Development of novel low cost high-tech ocean sensors. Dr. Frias-Torres is committed in making her research available to the general public through science outreach, such us writing magazine or newspaper articles and documentary filmmaking. She is currently the Coordinator of the Reef Rescuers Program at Nature Seychelles.


Dr Phanor Montoya-Maya - Research Associate, Reef Rescuers Project.

Dr. Phanor H MONTOYA-MAYA is a marine biologist specialized in coral reef ecology and reef connectivity. He has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Kwazulu-Natal South Africa, a M.Sc. in Ichthyology from Rhodes University South Africa, and a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia. Phanor volunteered as scientific diver at the USAID/UNDP-GEF- funded coral reef restoration project in Cousin Island, Seychelles (Reef Rescuers) for 6 months, and in October 2014 he was appointed as the new Reef Rescuers Scientific & Technical Officer. Prior to this work, Phanor worked as a research assistant at the Oceanographic Research Institute in Durban, South Africa and as coral specialist for the National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition to southern Mozambique. He has knowledge on marine invertebrate biology, coral reef surveys, coral reproduction and recruitment, multivariate analysis, ecological genetics, conservation outreach, and citizen science. He is also a scuba diving instructor and a commercial diver


Liz MLiz Mwambui - Communications Manager

Liz is an experienced Communications Specialist and has worked for many years in corporate communications, branding, public relations, marketing, public awareness and advocacy. She holds an MA in Communications for Development from Malmo University, Sweden, and a Bachelor Degree in Design from the University of Nairobi. A confessed tree hugger, she has a long relationship with conservation non-profits having worked at East Africa’s oldest conservation NGO, the East African Wild Life Society and later on, consulting with several environment NGOs and social enterprises in Kenya, where she provided communications solutions and products for clients. 


 Eric Blais - Cousin Island Special Reserve Coordinator

Eric has previously worked as the conservation officer for Cousin Island Special Reserve and has returned as coordinator for the reserve. A native of Rodrigues, Eric also worked on the Shoals Rodrigues project and has a wide range of skills in marine conservation, fisheries, sustainability and MPAs.




claire watersClaire Waters - Science and Conservation Officer, Cousin Island Special Reserve

Claire joined the team in 2019 as the Science and Conservation Officer. She holds a BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour and Training and has volunteered in veterinary practices, domestic and wild animal rescues and dog training facilities.  Whilst working as an administrator in England, she continued to study and build experience to establish a career with animals. When a new opportunity arose, she took a leap of faith and volunteered in conservation for one month in the Seychelles. A passion for the conservation work and the island life kept her in the Seychelles. This enabled her to build experience with turtle monitoring and tagging, bird monitoring and ringing, species translocations, invasive control and more. She has been studying for a UK bird ringing license the PADI Open Water certification. Having previously spent time on Cousin Island Special Reserve, the position was an ideal fit.

dailus laurenceDailus Laurence - Chief Warden, Cousin Island Special Reserve

Dailus has been with Nature Seychelles for seven years, starting off as a warden, and working his way through the ranks to Senior Warden for one year, and later being promoted to chief warden. During this time, he gained much experience in conservation both land and marine, and valuable knowledge on sustainable living on small island developing states. A graduate of the Maritime Training College, he is also a certified PADI advance diver and a past participant of the Earthwatch program in the Seychelles.





Paul Anstey - Technical & Scientific Officer Reef Rescuers

Paul is a marine ecologist, specialising in the conservation management of tropical coral-reefs with a BSc in Environmental Science from University West of England, UK. He is also an experienced Scuba diving instructor initially working as the ‘Dive Leader’ for the Reef Rescuers Training Program (2015), responsible for diving logistics, safety and assisting with the delivery of the training program. Following the onset of the El Nino in 2016, Paul spent the next 2 years at Cousine Island, working on the development and implementation of a marine monitoring program examining reef recovery and resilience. He also has a broad knowledge on climate change as a driver to disturbance within marine and freshwater ecosystems.




Chloe Shute - Reef Restoration Specialist, Reef Rescuers Project

Chloe is a Marine Ecologist experienced in coral-reef ecology and resilience, with a broad knowledge of marine and freshwater conservation. After graduating with a BSc in Environmental Science, she joined the Environment Agency, a non-departmental public body in the UK, studying freshwater ecology including fish, invertebrates and plants. More recently, Chloe came to the Seychelles to work as a Conservation Officer on Cousine Island where she developed specialised skills in marine monitoring, research and management. She has also worked on a number of science communication and wildlife conservation projects in the UK.



Yan Coquet - Program Coordinator, Conservation Boot Camp

Yan joined the team as program coordinator launching the new Conservation Boot Camp on Cousin Island. With a scientific background and 2 years working as a volunteer coordinator for a Marine Conservation NGO in Mauritius. After studies done in industrial maintenance field, he heard the call of natural sciences, a u-turn that expressed his long time connection with nature. He completed a BSc. in Environmental and Earth Science and then an MSc. in Marine Geosciences at Perpignan University, France. There, he also spent a few years volunteering in the University student association for social and environmental concerns. Back in Mauritius, Yan joined the Lagon Bleu Project team as Lagoon Monitoring Program Manager and Volunteer coordinator where he also contributed to the creation of new awareness projects. He was also member of the Mauritius ICZM sub-committee for coral protection.



Athina Antoine F

Athina Antoine: Field Assistant - Reef Rescuers 

Athina joined the Nature Seychelles team in 2017 as a diving assistant. Athina is from Seychelles. She attended the Seychelles Maritime Academy for two years and studied marine engineering, and is certified as a marine engineer. Her goal is to make a positive change for marine life, and that's why she decided to join the Reef Rescuers to start working in active conservation of coral reefs. She has now embarked on a career path as a biologist, specialized in diving.

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