Murder and Mayhem in the animal kingdom

"Nature red in tooth and claw" is a saying attributed to the English poet, Tennyson. It describes the at times violent nature of animals. We don't have the bloody animal drama often depicted on National Geographic TV shows here in Seychelles. Not on land, at least. But we see our share of fighting and killing worthy of a mention. Here are a few from Cousin Island.

Night crawlers - Counting shearwaters in the dark

If you happened to be by the hill at night last week on Cousin Island, you would have heard a strange wail that sounds something like this, 'a-wooo-aaaa, 'a-wooo-aaaa'. It resounds all over this area in rock cavities and burrows. Sometimes it rises to a cacophony. For the uninitiated, it can be quite frightening. In fact, it was once associated with ghosts in the old days.

International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem - Nature Seychelles loves Mangroves

In the shifting tides, their stilt-like roots anchor them in mud and brackish water, as they stand tall on the boundary between land and sea. They sift out our pollution and trap sediment from land, keeping it from reaching the ocean. They prevent flooding, storm surges, rising sea levels, and erosion. They support a variety of life and are excellent at absorbing and storing carbon. Mangroves are spectacular. 

Shark Awareness Day - The amazing world of sharks

Sharks are some of the most misrepresented creatures. They have a tarnished image in people's minds because of their portrayal in the media, particularly in scary movies. Many people, even those who have never seen one or live far away from the ocean, fear sharks. 

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