Raise a toast to the Lungs of the Earth on International Forests Day

Grab your hiking boots and go through a forest. Take a deep breath, savour the clean air, and marvel at nature's air purifier. Search for hidden treasures - from silent streams to loud waterfalls. Listen to birds and look out for tiny frogs and rare plants. Smell herbs and spices and enjoy nature's aromatherapy. Hug a tree and thank the forest for all it provides. International Forests Day is here and it’s time to celebrate these ecological superheroes.

Lending a helping hand to animals in distress

During routine monitoring of seabird breeding success on Cousin Island yesterday, warden Aurelie stumbled on a tortoise flipped onto its back. The male tortoise had been bested in a skirmish with another. Aurelie rescued the struggling animal, putting it back on its feet. This encounter highlights the interventions involved in conserving wildlife. 

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