Making New Year resolutions greener

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man - Benjamin Franklin

When the music from countless parties have gone silent and the fireworks to usher in another year have fizzled out, many people vow to be better in one way or another in the New Year. New Year’s resolutions are pondered over and penned down with the hope of improving several aspects of our life, be it personal, at work, at home or in the community we live in.

Examples of common New Year resolutions include losing weight or becoming fit and healthy, becoming more organized, saving more money, learning something new, spending more time with family, finding our soulmate, finding a new job, to quit smoking or drinking and so on.

 Nature Seychelles has worked with various groups on green health activities

Alas, many do not last for but a few weeks and are long forgotten well before the year is even halfway through. Some resolutions are over ambitious, others are not particularly of interest to us but merely something we think we should do. Many times goals are set without a plan of action. Whatever the reason, and these abound, resolutions are hastily set and just as quickly forgotten, until the festive season rolls in once again at the end of the year. Another new year, another list set, then forgotten …and the cycle continues.

Nature Seychelles is this year aiming to give folks a helping hand in keeping their resolutions, well, the resolution to become fit and healthy. Throughout the year, Nature Seychelles will be giving offers on green yoga sessions at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman, produce from the Heritage (organic) Garden and launching new activities under the Green Health Program.

 The Heritage (organic) Garden acts as a demonstration farm for Seychellois to grow and eat their own food

In January, by signing up for a month of green yoga people will automatically get discounts on all vegetables, fruits, herbs and seedlings from Nature Seychelles’ Heritage (organic) Garden. Thereby getting healthy by exercising surrounded by paradise and even healthier by eating fresh organic produce.

In February running through till Easter, there will be an online competition where entrants will have a chance to win three green yoga sessions for the price of one and a chance to participate in other green (outdoor) activities to be launched and organised all through the year. The competition will be run on the green health facebook page.

Through the same face book page, there will be daily motivations and green health information for continued motivation to live healthier. Robin Hanson, Nature Seychelles’ eco health coordinator will regularly share tips on green yoga poses and other outdoor activities people can participate in.

 Nature Seychelles offers morning and afternoon Green Yoga sessions at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman

Nature Seychelles Green Health program strives to connect people with nature for improved physical, mental and emotional wellness.

“Many scientific research articles I have read over the years show that people who spend more time in nature are healthier and more resilient to illnesses,” says Dr. Nirmal Shah, Nature Seychelles CEO. “When you spend time in nature your energy levels go up and you are therefore able to do more of the things you want to do. At Nature Seychelles we believe that conservation of the environment is not only for the benefit of wildlife, but for people too. Through the stunning environment that Seychelles is blessed with, the Green Health Program aims to connect people with nature and indeed, themselves.”

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