EU supports Nature Seychelles' Greening Livelihoods Project

The European Union has recently provided a grant to Nature Seychelles in support of a project to be carried out in the Seychelles. The project will use the environment to provide new socio-economic opportunities for at risk groups. Nature Seychelles is set to launch the project, Greening Livelihoods: Using the environment to provide new socio-economic options for vulnerable groups in Seychelles in the coming weeks.

A Message from Nature

The Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHTA) has a received a fresh message from Nature. The message is simple: "protect what nature has endowed us with".The message was delivered to the executive board of the association during its meeting at Au Cap on Friday 13th January. Two divers, male and female, emerged from the lagoon where the board was meeting carrying the message in a bottle, which they handed to the chairman of SHTA Mr. Louis D'offay.

The most amazing conservation success story in Seychelles

59 Seychelles Warblers (Acrocephalus sechellensis) have been transferred from Cousin Island Special Reserve to Fregate Island Private thanks to a Nature Seychelles-led initiative. The transfer was carried out to start a new breeding population on Fregate Island, making it the fifth island in Seychelles to hold this charming little bird.

Climate Change: Making a map but forgetting the territory

Last week the world’s deal makers gave up on the urgency to stop global temperatures rising more than 2 degrees Celsius.

The United Nations climate talks Durban, South Africa ended on Sunday with a so called roadmap which would agree on a treaty in 2015 and for implementation to  start in 2020. For many this was just another attempt to delay decisions on what must be the most urgent danger facing the world.


Red Alert: The Coco de Mer is in danger

The latest update of “The Red List of Threatened Species of the World” by the World  Conservation Union is bad news for conservation efforts in Seychelles. The Red List contains assessments of all the species in the world thought to be in danger and now we find that the Coco de Mer, our incredible  botanical icon, is more likely to become extinct than previously thought.

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