Malaria in Seychelles Birds

Diseases of wildlife are quite suddenly on everyone’s mind. Epidemics like SARS, Bird Flu, and others have brought forward to the world’s agenda the importance of studying diseases that could be passed from animals to humans.

Islands are the best places to live says new survey

Seychelles is often compared to other countries in terms of  national income measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or health statistics or trading volumes.. Now a survey, conducted by the New Economics Foundation and the environmental group Friends of the Earth, found that Seychelles is 30th in an innovative ranking of 178 countries.

People must benefit from Conservation

This is what delegates were told at the opening of Conservation International’s Global Symposium held in Madagascar on Tuesday and which ends on Saturday. The title of the symposium is Defying Nature’s End: The African Context..

New system will warn Seychelles of Tsunamis

It traveled across the ocean faster than a jet plane, killing more than two hundred thousand and displacing millions of people, destroying infrastructure and annihilating vital ecosystems. Not even the Seychelles, located so far away from the source, was spared.

Visitors enjoy eco-tourism experience

Eco-tourism is much talked about, but we all know that it differs from destination to destination. The ecotourism that is promoted in Mauritius is different from that in Seychelles, for example.

It is said that Seychelles has some outstanding ecotourism sites. But how do we really judge whether this the case or not? Well, one way is to ask the visitors. A study has been ongoing on Cousin Island to look at this subject. We are studying the visitor experience, examining the impacts and reviewing the way tourism is handled.

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