Seychelles Minister for Tourism speaks out on access to hotels and beaches

High-end resorts in Seychelles have been built around the prime beaches such that beach access by non-hotel residents could become difficult or impossible. Recently, the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St. Ange took this thorny subject on board, particularly after bitter letters to the press. The Minister spoke to Nirmal Shah the CEO of Nature Seychelles on his take on this ongoing national debate:

Fish researcher's fishy shopping list

"Chain, check. Duct tape, check. Cable ties, check. Cutting board, check..." Stop, there's no need for you to call the authorities. Although the above list looks a tiny bit suspicious, it is merely Tove's - our fish researcher - shopping list.

Outdoor Classroom and Funroom

There was an enthusiastic "Yes!" when Robin Hanson told a group of Primary 4 students from Beau Vallon Primary School that they would be planting mangroves and that they would be doing it in mud.

Nurturing the mangroves of Paradise

What will this area look like, I asked Robin Hanson the wetland manager at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman (SARC) as students from the International School Seychelles helped him to plant mangrove seeds. The area we were speaking of has a high mound of earth, with a pool of water at the bottom releasing not so pleasant smells, which prompted one of the students to ask, "does Shrek live here?"

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