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"All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds," said Dr Pangloss, echoing the philosopher Gottfried Leibniz, in Voltaire’s novel Candide.

DDT is back!

I was in Tanzania last week helping to evaluate the progress of some projects. During the week many of the members of the team complained of sleeplessness and bad dreams.  I believed pesticides were a probable cause because I had been to that particular hotel previously and knew they used insecticides liberally. I had already asked them not to spray my room. When I checked, it turned out they were using DDT!  Of course, I have no proof that DDT was causing these problems, but we could not think of anything else.

Island partnership aids environmental learning

A new range of books, posters and DVDs to guide Seychellois students through the wonders of the country’s unique environment will be in classrooms soon thanks to a public-private partnership deal signed yesterday at Nature Seychelles’ Roche Caiman environment centre.

Reaching out for necessary knowledge

A brief online tour of Google Earth, or a flick through any atlas will quickly give you some vital information about Seychelles: the country is a long, long way from anywhere else. Hundreds of kilometres from our nearest island neighbours and the African mainland, the specks in the Indian Ocean that are Seychelles have been equally blessed and cursed by their remoteness.

The watery expanse between Seychelles and Africa has allowed unique ecosystems to develop on the islands, species unseen anywhere else in the world allowed to evolve in a relatively secure and secluded environment.

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