New US Ambassador to Seychelles visits Nature Seychelles

US AmmbassadorThe US Ambassador to Seychelles Shari Villarosa on Saturday 17 visited Nature Seychelles and the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman. Ambassador Villarosa was on her first official visit to Seychelles, where she became her country’s new ambassador. She was accompanied to Nature Seychelles by Mr. David Campbell, Political Officer and Second Secretary at the Embassy.

Help in deep waters

Coral nurseryIt’s been a busy few months on the reef rescuers project and it’s getting busier!  So far, eleven underwater nurseries have been setup off Cousin island, totalling about 40,000 fragments of branching Acropora and submassive Pocillopora species growing.

Full on locally grown food

Local produceThe Kreol Festival is a great occasion to sample local food. It is also a good place to buy seedlings of local plants and produce from farmers. That's why on Friday last week, we set off for the Agricultural Show at Grande Anse with the intention of buying plants for the Heritage Garden at Roche Caiman, and sampling as much local food as we could lay our hands on.

Children reap green exercise benefits

President's villageIts 3.30 pm on Friday afternoon. As most people prepare to wind up the day and week, and head for home, Kathrin Baer, a volunteer at Nature Seychelles is at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman getting ready for an evening of work. In an area of the Sanctuary she lays down logs, ropes, discs and other natural materials on the grass. Kathrin is preparing for a green exercise class with children from the President's Village at Port Launay.

Un-natural Disasters

Un-natural disastersThe Memorial Mural to the victims of the 1862 “Lavalas” comes at a time when natural disasters have been a national preoccupation since the 1998 El Nino-induced rains and the huge downpour after the Tsunami. Yet 35 years ago I heard the head of the International Red Cross say ‘there is no such thing as a natural disaster. There are only man-made ones.’

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