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In a recently launched campaign ‘move it’ (bouze in Kreol) by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Seychellois are encouraged to take care of their health, exercise and lose weight. Nature Seychelles would like to welcome you to “move it” with our Green Health program now being run by a new Coordinator, Blaine Allison.

Blaine has just joined Nature Seychelles, running the Green Health program which over the last 7 years has been encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles through exercise, connecting with nature and eating healthily. It is under the Green Health program that the demonstration organic garden was set up at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman several years ago.

“Connecting with nature is important, especially in this day and age when we are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature,” Blaine says. “We are in an age right now that has us glued to a screen almost all day when we work and then when we go home we sit in front of another screen. When we are detached from nature we stop caring about what happens to be the very thing that sustains us, the planet, which is at breaking point right now and how we treat it has to change.”

Among other things, Blaine is a movement coach who specializes in teaching people to reconnect with their bodies and their surrounding environment. He is a certified Movnat instructor - Movnat is a physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement and is primarily done outdoors therefore allowing those who attend his sessions to truly connect with the natural environment.

Blaine has other certifications making him a dynamic eco-health coach. He has a yoga teacher training certificate from the Schoolyoga Institute in Guatemala. He has also attained a functional movement screen certification which is a set of standardised movement patterns that identify deficiencies within the body and how to address them through specific exercises.

“After 5 years of teaching, I still want to learn and research as much as I can so that I can not only help the people I coach grow but also grow myself. I always try to set myself apart from other trainers in an industry that has a lot of poor coaching, misinformation and harmful advice; and also trying to connect it to our natural environment,” he explains.

Blaine brings with him more than five years’ experience in fitness and health and another three years in yoga, teaching in Canada, Australia, Europe, and Guatemala.

Nature Seychelles’ fitness and yoga classes are conducted in the Eco Kiosk at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman – fresh air, a beautiful natural view, accompanied with a ‘soundtrack’ of bird song. With the new instructor, different classes are currently being offered every day, from early morning to late afternoon.

There is the Yin Yoga which is a slow paced type of yoga with poses held for 2 – 3 minutes. Vinyasa Yoga classes are a little more fast paced, flowing relatively fast from one pose to the next. And of course there are the movement sessions which involve getting stronger, more flexible, agile and basically getting the heart pumping and blood flowing. The sessions are suitable for people at different fitness levels, from beginners to those who are more advanced. 

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