Seychelles President appoints Special Envoy for Environment and Climate Change

Mr. James Alix Michel, the President of Seychelles has appointed Dr Nirmal Jivan Shah as Special Envoy for Environment and Climate Change. The functions of this position will be delivered on an ad hoc basis. Dr Shah is expected to be dispatched as Special Envoy for high level meetings on environment and climate change. In the letter of appointment the President has described Shah as “one of our foremost scientists in this field .”

Shah, who is the Chief Executive of Nature Seychelles a leading environmental NGO, was appointed the Chair of the National Environmental Advisory Council a statutory body under the Environment Protection Act late last year. Shah said that this recent appointment is as much an honour for him as it is for civil society in Seychelles in general as it reflects the recognition of the expertise that exists in NGOs which in fact Government can tap into.

“This willingness to bring civil society experts into high level policy making and action is a game changer for Seychelles and it is a reflection of the President’s strong desire to make paradigm shifts in the way our society functions” says Shah.

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