Blue pigeons and Wedge-tailed shearwater sighted on North Island

Unel Bristol, warden of North Island saw two adult and two juvenile Seychelles blue pigeons on North Island during his monitoring walk on November 12th 2005. This is good news for the island as the species was not observed on the island during the Biodiversity Surveys carried out by Nature Seychelles. North Island was the only one of the granitic islands visited where this species appeared to be absent (Hill et al, 2002).

Blue pigeon © Gideon Climo

Wedge-tailed shearwater chick © S. Hazell

Wedge-tailed shearwater
© Lucie Faulquier 

Unel also observed that wedge-tailed shearwaters with chicks and eggs on the island on November 26th 2005. This means that the species are now breeding on the island. This might be significant news to conservation work on the island, because there was no evidence of breeding of any species of seabirds on the island during the Biodiversity Survey (Hill et al, 2002). The nesting of the wedge-tailed shearwaters on the island results from major conservation efforts of the island management.

Hill, M., Vel, T., Holm, K., Parr, S. and Shah, N. 2002. North Island, in Biodiversity Surveys and Conservation potential of inner Seychelles Islands edited by Michael Hill. Atoll Research Bulletin. Washington, D.C.

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