Work with Nature Seychelles

Job Title: Yoga, Fitness and Healthy Living Instructor

Responsible to: Chief Executive, Nature Seychelles

Overall Purpose of work: A young, enthusiastic and skilled person is needed to run the “Green Health” program which combines yoga, fitness, healthy living and appreciation of nature. The aim is to get Seychellois interested in healthier lifestyles by connecting with themselves and the natural environment and thus to increase membership/build a new constituency using the facilities we currently own. .He/she is expected to work with Nature Seychelles staff as well as others outside the association to assist in the delivery.

Conditions: SCR23,000 /month depending on qualifications and experience, private housing, 1 return air ticket from and to home country, local insurance cover, 21 working days paid leave/annually, Nature Seychelles’ T-shirt and shorts, office and administrative back up,

Contract period: 2 years

Scope of work: The post holder will develop and implement a work program which incorporates regular activities and classes at our Eco-Kiosk and outdoors both at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman a site managed by Nature Seychelles This will range from yoga, cross-fit exercise, nature trail hikes to organic gardening. The post holder will contribute to the Nature Seychelles Heritage Gardens and Green blog. The activities will be aimed towards a market that can pay for the sessions and at the same time build a new constituency of members of Nature Seychelles. With some cost recovery the aim is also to look towards providing classes and so forth for young people and children especially those who have challenges and at risk


• Design and instruct yoga classes both indoors and outdoors on a regular basis
• Undertake outdoor fitness activities and use natural features as a Green Gym
• Use existing nature trials for fitness and appreciation of nature
• Work with the communication manager to develop blogs and social media updates as well as advertising.
• Incorporate the concept of the Heritage Garden into the program, i.e. diets and use of organic foods and natural products and assist in sales of produce for cost recovery
• Provide activities to special needs when possible
• Coordinate and build membership of Nature Seychelles through the above activities and promote and enhance the reputation and branding of the NGO
• Any other appropriate work as needed and instructed

Qualifications: Candidate must have a university degree in the relevant subject and/or professional certification/diplomas in yoga, fitness practices and so forth plus a minimum 3 years experience in any or more of these fields at a professional level. Candidate must have skills to take the program outdoors. Fluency in English and excellent communication skills are needed, as well as a very good ability to work with different constituencies.

Start Date: January 2017

Deadline for application: December 10th 2016.

Contact: Nature Seychelles, Roche Caiman, Mahe, Seychelles
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